Find out what some of our DSDS alumni have done after graduation.

Hear from these alumni, who talk about their time at Cornell and how their statistics education here prepared them for successful careers in industry.  



Irina Gaynanova
The last time we checked in with Irina Gaynanova, she was two years away from completing her PhD in statistics here at Cornell. One of her greatest moments in... more
Stephen Salerno
Stephen Salerno's enthusiasm for biostatistics is unquestionable, and that passion grew out of his time at Cornell. As an undergraduate in biometry and... more
Melissa Sharma
Melissa Sharma graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Biometry and Statistics. She currently works as a senior consultant and actuary at Aon's Global... more
Lauren Altman
Lauren Altman graduated from Cornell University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Biometry and Statistics. Today, she works for a market research company... more
Lulu Yan
Lulu Yan graduated from Cornell University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biometry and Statistics. After spending a decade as a data scientist in... more
photo of Ed George
It’s a wonderful time to be a statistician. Whether it’s banking, journalism, or professional hockey, varied sectors now look to big data for insights. No... more
Sharon Lawner Weinberg
I am a Professor of Applied Statistics and Psychology and former Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs at New York University. I have been on the faculty at NYU... more
Charles McCulloch
Like practically every field, statistical science has experienced fundamental change and profound growth thanks to perpetually faster, more accessible computer... more
Eric Callahan
I selected the MPS Applied Statistics program at Cornell because I was interested in finding a program that would provide knowledge of practical applications... more
Bruce Turnbull
Without sound data and the error-proof means in which we gather that data, we are no closer to uncovering the knowledge that will help scrub our world of... more
Kyley Nemeckay
I am a Statistical Analyst at the Gallup Organization for both their consulting division and their World Poll. Gallup is a research-based consulting company... more
Bill Strawderman
William "Bill" Strawderman, Professor of Statistics at Rutgers University, has been selected as the 2015 Distinguished Alumni for the Department of Statistical... more
Aditya Barua
I graduated from the MPS Program in May 2010. The year I spent in the program was a very exciting one for me. I learned a great deal, met very interesting... more