Honors Requirements

In order for an undergraduate Statistical Sciences major to be considered an honors graduate, the student must meet all of the requirements listed here. 

Honors in statistical science requires: 

  • a cumulative GPA >= 3.50 
  • at least one STSCI course (at least 3 credit hours) at or above the 4000 level with a grade of A- or better; no seminar or 2-credit project courses. 
  • at least one semester-long 3-credit courses of Independent Research with a Statistical Science faculty member, with grades of A- or better. 

Latin Designations (appended to the degree), awarded to Statistical Science majors for all who qualify as stated above, are based on the final cumulative GPA as follows:

  • cum laude, 3.50 or above 
  • magna cum laude, 3.75 or above 
  • summa cum laude, 4.00 or above 

Honors courses may not be used to satisfy the External Specialization requirement. 

In essence, honors course work represents a depth of field work that is well beyond the minimum requirements needed to fulfill the major. 

NOTE: Candidates for honors are required to email a message to their advisor stating that they would like to be considered for departmental honors.