Student Statistics Seminar Speaker: David Sinclair, 9/27/16

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Tuesday Sep 27 2016

Student Statistics Seminar Speaker: David Sinclair, 9/27/16

5:00pm @ Malott 203

The Graduate Student Seminar speaker for Tuesday, September 27, 2016, will be David Sinclair.

Title: A Simulation Study for Phase I Oncology Trial Scenarios

Abstract: Given an experimental compound that may have therapeutic benefits for fighting cancer, Phase I oncology trials focus on finding an optimal dose of the compound in order to continue research into its therapeutic effects.  My talk will focus on the Bayesian Logistic Regression Model and Efficacy-Toxicity Trade-Off methods for determining the optimal dose for a general compound.  These models have been slowly making their way into industry use, although the exact benefits and drawbacks are not entirely understood.  I will first discuss why these methods have gained substantial attention.  I will then look at simulation scenarios in order to get a better understanding of how to specify these methods and under which conditions are the methods robust.