Find out more about what it's like to be a student in Statistics and Data Science at Cornell.
Irina Gaynanova
Irina Gaynanova is a PhD student in Statistical Science working on research in high-dimensional data analysis.
Anagha Tolpadi
Student Name: Anagha Tolpadi Affiliation: I was a Statistical Science Major at Cornell, and I’ll be starting graduate studies at the University of Michigan in... more
Benjamin Leinwand
Student Name:  Benjamin Leinwand Affiliation:  Undergrad Major in Statistical Science & MPS in Applied Statistics Research Focus:  Whatever I find... more
Anthony Maers
Applied Statistics MPS student Anthony Maers is working with plant sciences professor Randy Wayne to conduct experiments to test Einstein's theory of... more
Sara Venkatraman
Please read the excerpt below from a longer piece written by Usha Viswanathan, mother of Statistics major Sara Venkatraman. For the full piece, please go here... more