Scenes from Cornell Day of Statistics 2017

Day of Stats 2017

The Cornell Day of Statistics 2017 was held on Friday, September 8 in the Statler Hotel on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY. Seven leaders in the field of statistics were among the conference speakers, including Charles McCulloch (PhD '80), professor and head of the Division of Biostatistics at the University of California-San Francisco, who received this year's Distinguished Alumni Award.

The day also included a lunch and poster session featuring scholars from Cornell and elsewhere.

Below, you'll find a list of conference speakers:

Charles McCulloch, UCSD (Statistics PhD ’80) – "small thoughts on Big Data"

Michael Kosorok, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, – "Tree based precision medicine for right censored data"

Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen, Harvard University –  "Minimax Estimation of a Nonlinear Functional on a High-dimensional Model"

Genevera Allen, Rice University – "Inference, Computation, and Visualization for Convex Clustering and Biclustering"

Ciprian Crainiceanu, Johns Hopkins University – "Biostatistical Methods for Wearable and Implantable Technology"

Iván Díaz, Weill Cornell Medical – "Doubly Robust Inference for Targeted Minimum Loss Based Estimation in Randomized Trials with Missing Outcome Data"

Jianqing Fan, Princeton University – "Distributed Estimation of Principal Eigenspaces"