Professor David Ruppert Serves as Co-Editor-Elect for the JASA-T&M

On January 1, 2014, David Ruppert, the Andrew Schultz, Jr. Professor of Engineering and Professor of Statistical Science, and Nicholas Jewell (UC-Berkeley) became co-editors-elect of the theory and methods section of the Journal of the American Statistical Association, commonly called “JASA-T&M.”  As co-editors-elect, they will handle all new submissions until the end of 2014 at which time they will become co-editors for 2015—2017.  Professor Ruppert was previously editor of the Electronic Journal of Statistics (2010—2012) and the IMS Lecture Notes—Monographs Series (1994—1999).

JASA is the flagship journal of the American Statistical Association, the largest organization of professional statisticians in the US, and has been published since 1888.  A survey of statisticians in 2003 had JASA ranked first in the area of applied statistics and second (behind the Annals of Statistics) in mathematical statistics.