Offered universitywide, the minor in Data Science equips students from any major with a solid understanding of the conceptual and methodological tools of data-driven discovery.  Upon completing the minor, students will be ready to leverage competencies and skills to pursue careers in various fields and professions.

Cornell has a wealth of existing undergraduate courses, across the schools and colleges, that build and employ data science skills. This includes introductory/gateway courses in programming and statistics, using a variety of languages including Python, Matlab and R, and a wide selection of intermediate and advanced courses across the STEM, social science, and business disciplines, along with new opportunities in the humanities within media studies and digital humanities programs.

The primary learning outcomes for the minor are for students to:

  1. Build core, foundational skills and knowledge in statistical techniques and computer programming
  2. Implement these skills in disciplinary settings that align with their chosen areas of study
  3. Conduct data analysis and interpretation
  4. Effectively synthesize, present and communicate their results
  5. Understand the broader contexts and impact of big and complex data in scholarship and in our society

See Minor Requirements for further details on how to complete the Data Science Minor as well as a comprehensive list of courses. Access and fill out the minor application via this Google form.

Please contact Julia Aquadro (, assistant director of undergraduate advising, with any questions about the minor.

The requirements to complete the minor balance the specific learning outcomes with flexibility and choice.