MPS Early Admit Option

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Early Admit to the MPS Program in Applied Statistics for Cornell Undergraduates

Cornell students in the statistics major who will have 8 or fewer credits remaining to complete their undergraduate (B.S. or B.A.) degree in the final semester of their undergraduate program are eligible to apply for the Early Admit to the MPS in Applied Statistics option. Students eligible for this option are typically those who come with a large number of AP credits and are advanced in their undergraduate study.  The early admit option allows such students to get a head start on their graduate course work while completing their undergraduate degree at Cornell.  

A brief summary of the program:
  • Each degree (B.S./B.A. and MPS) has a separate admissions process
  • No courses may count towards both degrees
  • Admission to MPS is contingent on the student successfully completing their B.S. or B.A. degree
  • "Shortened time to degree" is only due to the acceleration of undergraduate students through their undergraduate curriculum - many come in with substantial AP credits.
Early Admit Option

Students in the early-admit program are undergraduates during the first semester of the early-admit program and are eligible for undergraduate financial aid.  Early-admit students are graduate students only in the second semester.  Therefore, when applying to the early-admit program, a student should apply for graduate admission beginning in the second semester of the early-admit program.  For example, a student planning to be in the early-admit program in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 should apply for graduate admission in Spring 2016 but the application should be done in Spring 2015.

Admission to the Early Admit MPS option is a conditional admission contingent upon the student completing their undergraduate degree. Admission requirements are the same as for all Cornell undergraduate applicants.  Early Admit students are required to identify which of the courses they plan to take in their final semester of undergraduate studies will be applied to their undergraduate degree.  These courses do not count toward the 30 credit hours for the MPS degree. Students should apply to the early admit option prior to their final semester as an undergraduate.

The degree requirements for Early Admit students are the same as those for all MPS students, i.e. 30 credits over and above the requirements for a B.S. or B.A. degree, as defined in the graduate field-approved curriculum.  No credits counted toward the MPS degree may be counted toward the undergraduate degree.

Early admit students will typically complete the MPS degree with one semester of additional study after their final undergraduate semester.  Because most of the required courses for the MPS degree are taught only once per year, the MPS program of Early Admit students must be planned carefully.  In particular, the required MPS project course is currently offered only in the spring semester.  

In the MPS program, Early Admit students indicate which courses will meet requirements for the undergraduate degree and which will count toward the MPS. Each student's plan is confirmed by the undergraduate coordinator and the GFA, who clear students for graduation from their respective programs.  

Students in the Early Admit program should take approximately the same number of credit hours in each of the two semesters in this program.  For example, a student taking the maximum of 8 credit hours toward the undergraduate program during the first semester will need to complete 38 credit hours total in the program and so should take approximately 19 credit hours each semester.

In addition, the MPS program includes this note on the students' transcripts: "Student completed all requirements for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.)/Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree and the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree with no credit hours counting toward both degrees.  Selected credits taken, in excess of B.S./B.A. requirements, during the last semester of the student's undergraduate degree program, were counted toward the Master of Professional Studies degree." In this way, when transcripts are requested, the requester receives the full transcript, not just the undergraduate or the graduate one.