Yang Ning

Yang Ning
Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics and Data Science

Yang Ning comes to Cornell as an Assistant Professor after completing a postdoc fellowship at Princeton University, where he developed statistical methods and theory for analyzing big and complex data. He has been awarded the David Byar Young Investigator Award and has his papers published in Biometrika and the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society.

Ning obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Fudan University, China, and a Ph.D degree in Biostatistics from the Johns Hopkins University.  The theme of his research is to develop statistical methods and theory to quantify the uncertainty (confidence interval and hypothesis test) in modern data sets, which are characterized by high dimensionality, complexity and heterogeneity. He enjoys working at the interface of mathematical statistics, machine learning and stochastic optimization. He is also interested in applied projects in genomics, Neuroscience, epidemiology and clinical trials. 


For a full list of publications, please see Ning's personal webpage.