Basic Probability

Course Number

MATH 4710

Fall. 4 credits. Forbidden Overlap: Students will receive credit for only one course in the following group:  BTRY 3080/ILRST 3080/STSCI 3080, ECON 3110/ILRST 3110/STSCI 3110, ECON 3125 (formerly 3210), ECON 3130 (formerly 3190), MATH 4710.Prerequisite: one year of calculus. Recommended prerequisite: some knowledge of multivariate calculus. Staff.Introduction to probability theory, which prepares the student to take MATH 4720. The course begins with basics: combinatorial probability, mean and variance, independence, conditional probability, and Bayes formula. Density and distribution functions and their properties are introduced. The law of large numbers and the central limit theorem are stated and their implications for statistics are discussed.