Statistics Seminar Speaker: Ambuj Tewari, 4/26/2017

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Wednesday Apr 26 2017

Statistics Seminar Speaker: Ambuj Tewari, 4/26/2017

4:15pm @ G01 Biotechnology

The Statistics Seminar speaker for Wednesday, April 26, 2017, is Ambuj Tewari, an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics and the Department of EECS (by courtesy) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is also affiliated with the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS). He obtained his PhD under the supervision of Peter Bartlett at the University of California at Berkeley. His research interests lie in machine learning including statistical learning theory, online learning, reinforcement learning and control theory, network analysis, and optimization for machine learning. He collaborates with scientists to seek novel applications of machine learning in mobile health, learning analytics, and computational chemistry. His research has been recognized with paper awards at COLT 2005, COLT 2011, and AISTATS 2015. He was the recipient of an NSF CAREER award in 2015.

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