Cornell Statistics Graduate Society (SGS)

Newly established in Spring 2016, the Cornell Statistics Graduate Society (SGS) is the official graduate student organization of Cornell University's Statistics field. Run by PhD students, SGS aims to make all aspects of graduate student life - academic, social, and professional - more enjoyable, and is responsible for representing graduate students' concerns to the department, graduate school, and CIS.


Contact Us

  • Current Cornell Statistics graduate students: contact Benjamin Baer as your advocate for any issues.
  • Cornell Statistics alumni: join our LinkedIn group for job postings and event invitations.
  • Need to reach Cornell Statistics graduate students directly with job opportunities, tutoring requests, collaboration or consulting opportunities? Contact us.


Current Events (Fall 2017)

Selected Past Events

Board Members

President: Wenyu Zhang
Treasurer: Ziyi Chen
Student Seminar Organizer: Skyler Seto
Reading Group Organizer: Yichen Zhou
Faculty Lunch Organizer: Li'ao Zhu
Social Planners: Megan Gelsinger, Indrayudh Ghosal
Department Representative: Benjamin Baer, Megan Gelsinger

PhD Resources

See this page for resources including printing, communication, funding, software, seminar schedules, etc.

See here for program course requirements, and here for course matrices to find out what courses are typically offered each semester.


    Our Friends

    Seminars on Campus

    Social Groups

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