Statistical Services Available at Cornell

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Statistical Science faculty and students as well as those from other departments can use the following resources to assist them in their research. These groups provide expert assistance with statistical studies with a wide variety of services and training available. 

Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit

The Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit (CSCU) is a professional statistical consulting service. The objective of CSCU is to enhance research at Cornell by assisting researchers with their statistical analyses. They provide statistical expertise to the entire Cornell community through consulting, teaching, and contract services.


  • Design of experiments or surveys
  • Reviewing method sections
  • Understanding methods used in published research
  • Planning and implementation of statistical analysis
  • Interpretation of results
  • Specialized programming
  • Preparation for committee meetings
  • Preparation and revision of manuscripts

Instructional support 

  • Statistical workshops
  • Specialized lectures within existing courses
  • Newsletters containing information about statistical methods and tools
  • Serving as a resource center by providing handouts and articles
  • Participation in group and lab meetings
  • Specialized techniques for specific departments


Cornell holds site licenses for a number of general statistical software packages which are available at reduced prices to members of the Cornell community. Specialized software is available through CSCU. 

Contact for further information. 

Survey Research Institute at Cornell University

The Survey Research Institute (SRI) is a full-service survey facility. Services range from study design to analysis and everything in between. Clients are offered any combination of services to meet their needs.


  • Study and Research Design
  • Instrument Design
  • Sampling Procedures
  • Focus Groups 
  • Data Collection - including:
    • CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviews)
    • Web Surveys (Web-Administered Questionnaires)
    • Scannable Forms
  • Transcription
  • Data Analysis and Inference Testing
  • Report Preparation, Writing, and Production

Appointments for initial consultation are free of charge. Clients may request preliminary estimates of the costs of services to be provided.

Contact for more information.

CISER Research Data Analysis Support Services

The Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER) offers assistance with the use of data files and quantitative and qualitative data analysis software.


  • HelpDesk support, responding to walk-in, e-mail, telephone, and instant message queries.
  • Consultants help the client do their own work, providing resources and examples.
  • Campus based hands-on workshops in statistical and qualitative data analysis software (current topics include SAS, Stata, SPSS, Matlab, and Atlas.ti).
  • Web-based library of instructional materials and sample programs for the use of CISER's computing system, CISER data archive files, and various software packages.

Services are available to all Cornell faculty, staff, and students doing faculty-directed academic research. There is no user fee for services.

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