What Job Titles Do MPS Graduates Obtain?

There are many opportunities open to those graduating with a degree in Statistics. If you're not sure about your career path, find out more about specific jobs that require a degree in statistics or a related field. 

What Job Titles Did Recent Graduates Obtain?

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) is a degree in Applied Statistics for professional careers in business, industry, or government.  The program can be completed in one year by a well-prepared student with the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in statistics or applied mathematics.  See the MPS Post Graduate Surveys to see where MPS Graduates went to work in a given year. Recent graduates obtained jobs with the following titles:

· Advisory Consultant

· Business Analyst

· Data Analyst

· Data Scientist

· Market Analyst

· Pricing Analyst

· Risk Analyst

· SAS Programmer

· Statistician

· Technology Consulting

How can you tailor your Statistics degree towards a career as an Actuary? 

In general, our Statistics major prepares you for any career in the Statistical Sciences, however, if you'd like to apply for Actuary positions, it may help to keep these things in mind. 

  • Take courses in calculus, statistics and probability, to increase your math, analytics and problem solving skills.
  • Computer science courses are essential as you'll need to be able to understand how to effectively access and manage data.
  • Be sure to add some courses in psychology, sociology or other related social sciences, for a better understanding of human behavior and social inteaction.
  • Take courses in business for an understanding of finance, accounting and economics, as well as business culture.
  • Add some communications courses to your schedule or be sure that the ones you're already taking will help you to gain stronger communication skills, both oral and written.  
  • Look for internships that will add to your experience. 

Is it necessary to pass an exam or get certified in order to be an actuary?

Yes. Several exams may be required. See the Exams page on BeAnActuary.org to find out more about the specific exams and how to prepare for them.