John Abowd

Edmund Ezra Day Professor of Economics

John Abowd is the Edmund Ezra Day Professor in the department of Economics, where he also serves as the Director of Graduate Studies. Professor Abowd is a member in the graduate fields of Economics, Information Science, Industrial and Labor Relations and Statistics. He is a professor in the department of Information Science as well. He is the Director of the Labor Dynamics Institute at Cornell, an institution whose purpose is to to create and make accessible novel data on the dynamics of the labor markets. 


This is a selection of Professor Abowd's work. For a complete list please see his personal page or CV.


  • The Microeconometrics of Human Resource Management, special issue of Annales d'économie et de statistique 41/42 (Paris: ADRES, January/June 1996) co-editor with Francis Kramarz.
  • Immigration, Trade and the Labor Market (Chicago: University of Chicago Press for the national Bureau of Economic Research, 1991) co-editor with Richard B. Freeman.


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  • “Did the Housing Price Bubble Clobber Local Labor Markets When It Burst?,” American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 102, No. 3 (May 2012): 589-93, doi:pdfplus/10.1257/aer.102.3.589. (with Lars Vilhuber) [Online Appendix] [Data README] [Data]
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