PhD Student Zhengyi Zhou Receives Two Best Student Paper Awards

Applied Mathematics and Statistics Ph.D. student Zhengyi Zhou was a finalist for the 2013 INFORMS Data Mining Best Student Paper Award and a winner of the 2014 ASA Health Policy Statistics Best Student Paper Award for her manuscript on "A Spatio-Temporal Point Process Model for Ambulance Demand," which will appear in the Journal of the American Statistical Association. Zhengyi's co-athors included her advisor, David S. Matteson, Department of Statistical Science, Cornell University; Dawn Woodard and Shane Henderson, Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University; and Athanasios Micheas, Department of Statistics, University of Missouri - Columbia.

Professor Matteson said that "Zhengyi's research presents a method for estimating the geographical demand for ambulances over time, using data provided by Toronto EMS. It also assesses the operational merits of this new approach compared to current industry practice, concluding that the proposed methods offer a substantial improvement." Zhengyi's specialization in statistics and data science at Cornell also lead to her internship at Amazon as a Machine Learning Research Scientist during summer 2014. Zhengyi is expected to graduate in spring 2015, and prior to joining Cornell, she was awarded a Bachelor's degree from Occidental College with Honors in Mathematics and Economics.

Reference: Zhou, Z., Matteson, D.S., Woodard, D.B., Micheas, A.C. and Henderson, S.G. (2014), "A Spatio-Temporal Point Process Model for Ambulance Demand,” Journal of the American Statistical Association. Available: or