PhD Course Matrices

Please use the PhD Course Matrices linked here to plan your course load each semester. The Course Matrices for the past few semesters are linked to allow students to get an idea of what courses are typically offered each semester and what times those courses are typically offered.

PDF iconSpring 2019 PhD course matrix 10-30-18.pdf

PDF iconFall 2018 PhD class matrix 4.23.pdf

PDF iconSpring_2018 Grad_Course_matrix 12.pdf

PDF iconGrad Fall 2017 Course Matrix_4_12_17rev.pdf

PDF iconSpring_2017_Grad_Course_matrix 3.pdf

PDF iconGrad Fall 2016 Course Matrix_4_12_16.pdf

PDF iconGrad_Course_matrix_Spring_2016.pdf

PDF iconCourse Matrix Graduate Fall 2015.pdf

PDF iconFinal_Course_matrix_grad_Spring_2015.pdf

PDF iconCourse_Matrix_graduate_Fall_2014.pdf

PDF iconCourse_Matrix_Grad_Spring_2014.pdf

PDF iconCourse_Matrix_grad_Fall_2013.pdf