MPS Careers and Post Graduate Surveys

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CIS Master Professional Career Resources Webpages

The CIS Master Professional Students Career Resources Webpages are targeted directly to our MPS students to empower them to obtain career development skills to obtain employment after their one-year program is complete.  

The designated Career Services advisor for the MPS Applied Statistics Program is Cynthia Todd. Her role is to help students with their job search strategies and career related decisions. Please email her to make an appointment.

Where did the MPS Statistics Students go to work?

To get an idea of what some of our recent MPS graduates are doing and what companies they went to work for, please take a look at the Post Graduate Survey, linked to the right. 

MPS Alumni '18 Found Their Jobs Through...

  • Cornell Handshake - 22%
  • Job Posting (without interview on campus) Internet - 19%
  • Interview on campus - 17%
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, other - 8%
  • Referral/Personal Contact/Networking - 8%
  • Cornell Alumni - 6%
  • Internal Posting - 3%
  • Career Fair - 3%

Post Graduate Surveys

Find out where MPS graduates have gone to work as well as their average starting salaries.

PDF icon2018 MPS AS Post Graduate Survey Final.pdf

PDF icon2017 MPS AS Post Graduate Survey Final 12182017.pdf

PDF icon2016 MPS AS Post Graduate Survey Final PDF.pdf

PDF icon2015 MPS AS Post Graduate Survey.pdf

PDF icon2014 MPS AS Post Graduate Survey Ver2.pdf