Why Statistics?

Statistical thinking and quantitative reasoning have become pervasive in culture, economy, law, government, and science, dramatically changing the way we view the world. With the increased development of computing power and the growing availability in digital form of vast quantities of data, there has been widespread statistical activity across all areas of industry and academic research. In this new millennium, statistics has emerged as a truly interdisciplinary activity that draws together researchers and educators from the information sciences, physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

Statistics teaches a mode of reasoning that can be applied flexibly and with nuance across fields of study. Statistics is reasoning about data, and data itself provides multiple and multidisciplinary contexts for problem-solving. 

If you're interested in focusing your undergraduate studies on Statistics, please read through the Core Requirements and complete the Major Affiliation packet attached below.

PDF iconStats Affiliation Packet 2018 v.2.pdf