Department Committees and Administration

The following faculty and staff members administrate the Department of Statistical Science and its various programs.

Directors and Committees

Department Chair: Marten Wegkamp

Undergraduate Committee: Thomas DiCiccio (chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies), Jacob BienGiles Hooker, Nicholas Kiefer

MPS Committee: David Ruppert (chair and Director of the MPS Program), Jacob BienJohn BungeXiaolong Yang (Associate Director of the MPS Program)

Graduate Committee: Martin Wells (chair and Director of Graduate Studies), Florentina Bunea, Yang NingMichael Nussbaum

Curriculum Committee: David Ruppert (chair), Florentina BuneaThomas DiCiccio, Marten Wegkamp (ex-officio), Martin Wells

Department Administration

Director of Administration: Eileen Grabosky

Assistant to the Chair: Alice Cho

Undergraduate Advising Coordinator: Beatrix Johnson

Graduate Field Assistant: Diana Drake

Career Services Program Manager: Cynthia Todd